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Top 5 Tips For Developing Unbreakable Focus In Your Kids


Focus Tip #1 - Breathing


This is a very specific breathing pattern.  If kids get frustrated with a project or task, this little tip can bring them back to a calm center and help them to regain focus. 


Have your kids practice a 3-6 pattern to start. Inhale through your nose for 3 seconds and exhale through your mouth for 6 seconds.  Make sure the belly rises on the inhale and shrinks back down on the exhale. It's important not to breath from the chest. 


Have them practice this for at least  one minute. 


To help center the mind and avoid other thoughts popping into their head, have them count out loud or in their head the pattern.  This will make it almost impossible to think of anything else. 


The goal should be an inhale for 6 seconds and an exhale of 12 seconds.   This will take some practice.   


Try this one out for yourself as well and see just how quick proper breathing can help with the ability to focus.



Focus Tip #2 - Nutrition for Focus


Children need proper nutrition in order to focus during the day.

A healthy breakfast is essential and should consist of things like fruit, eggs, proteins, grains or any low sugar cereals.


Foods that are high in sugar can cause the blood sugar to drop not long after your child arrives at school, this sets them up to start the morning in  a negative frame of mind.


Children should avoid caffeine due to the fact that they give spurts of energy and then result in lower lows.


Better focus comes from healthy eating habits and helps children maintain the RIGHT type of energy that will give them better focus in school.


Remember, our body is a machine and what you put into it determines how it's going to function.




Focus TIP #3 - Lists

Now that everyone is getting geared up for school, here is a good tip to make sure your child has a successful start.

Making a list can make life so much easier. What is a list?? A bunch of little goals.


Have your kids make a short list of things they need to do as school starts up. Make sure to set a time frame for the goals to be completed. Once they complete all the tasks, award them with something cool.

Once all the tasks are completed, start another. If they FOCUS one one thing at a time, they will see just how easy it is to get stuff done.





Visual Reminders


When setting goals to focus on, having a visual always helps to increase the likelihood that the goal will be accomplished.  


Example: Take an old report card and make all grades A, put it somewhere that your child will be able to see in several times a day.


If they have a subject they have difficulty in, have your child write a note under it and promise to focus on it more this year.


Pick a few other fun goals to add to the board as well.


Place a picture of your child in the center they they can see themselves surrounded by what they desire.





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